Here are some notable Miller ancestors, as well as inidviduals from related lines

Emigrants from Hessen-Nassau and Elsewhere.

Joseph Miller -- Joseph Miller brought his family to the United States in 1852. They initially settled in Huron Township in Erie County, Ohio, outside of Sandusky. In 1863 they moved to Reed Township in Seneca County with all their children, including their married daughters and families.

Joseph Hahler -- Joseph Höhler was a nephew of Joseph Müller. Joseph wanted to join his uncle in Ohio but his wife was reluctant to make the change. After she died, Joseph Höhler and his children came to Northwest Ohio, where his uncle helped him establish himself.

Valentine Daniel -- Valentine came to the United States with his siblings from the village of Dorndiel in Hessen-Darmstadt. He married Margaret, a daughter of Joseph Miller, and settled with Joseph and his family in Reedtown.

Notable Individuals in Germany.

Johann Bapst -- In German, B and P are phonetically interchangeable, so you see the Pabst surname spelled multiple ways. The earliest ancestor found is Johann Bapst from Bad Camberg.

Johann Jssel -- Jssel is an unusual surname. Johann Jssel was born in Vilmaria, but he married Anna Margarethe Gromann of Niederselters and the family lived there.

Johann Rath -- The Rath surname comes from Erbach, from the family of Johann Rath and Anna Margaretha Kob.

Johann Rücker -- He married Anna Maria Göbel and they lived in Werschau.

Friz Wenz -- The Wentz/Wenz surname comes from Erbach. From village census records, the earliest settler was Friz Wenz, who is the likely father of my ancestor, Hans Philipp.