This site documents two American families. My family is primarily of German ancestry, whether they came directly from Germany or via the Hungarian Empire. My wife's family is primarily Scotch-Irish, with perhaps some English and Irish mixed in.

Michael Velten and Catherine Miller were my paternal great-great-grandparents. They were born in Germany; married in Huron County, Ohio; lived in Seneca County, Ohio; and then moved westward to Barry County, Missouri where cheap railroad land was available.

My grandmother's parents came from a small village in Württemberg called Abstatt. August Unkauf immigrated in 1879 and travelled to Rushville, Nebraska. Friederika Utz arrived in 1881 with her family and agreed to marry August. She travelled from the civilized life of Brooklyn, New York to the plains of Nebraska and a life in a sod house on the prairie, where my grandmother was born.

My maternal grandparents, Joseph Thess and Eva Weinert, immigrated from Hungary in 1905, getting out of that part of the world before it was embroiled in the Great War. They moved progressively westward seeking opportunity, from New Jersey to Ohio to Colorado to Wyoming, before retreating eastward to Missouri and St. Louis.

Included are ancestors and descendants, as well as siblings and related and allied families of our grandparents. But note that information on living persons is limited to just name and any marriages. More information on using the site can be found in the Using this site link at the bottom of each page.

Also note that this is a research project and is being constantly changed and updated. See the What's New link below for the latest changes and additions. While I strive for accuracy, the data is certain to contain errors and omissions. You should verify any information before using it. Additions and corrections are always welcome. Please click below to send me additions or corrections.